Name: Plague Roamer Occupation: Maverick Warlord

Bio: Created in 20XX as a prototype before the Cataclysm. He went into a self induced stasis for a century as the world recovered, only to awake to a Reploid world and begin his reign of destruction upon that world. In under 6 months he made the Most-Wanted Dead lists of the Hunters, Repliforce, and the Mavericks with his almost random attacks on anything that moved. Later he was captured by the Hunters and through some mysterious twist of events, blackmail, and secret meetings, ended up a Hunter Agent, mass murdering Mavericks in the name of the Hunters. Carrier of the Pure-strain Wily Virus Alpha version. Currently he is suffering from system corruption after having the Zero (Wily Beta) virus forcefuly upgrade his viral delivery systems, and is creating an army to take out the hunters, whom he blames for allowing Sigma to crash Eurasia into Earth.

Obtained from Misadventures Cast page.

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