In the Mega Man game parodies, the robot masters Dr. Wily creates usually have quirky personalities. Here's a list of them.

The First Megaman GameEdit

Cut ManEdit

Cut Man is easily angered due to his non-threatening appearance being pointed out.

Guts ManEdit

Guts Man is clever, tricking Mega Man into being crushed by one of his blocks and refusing to help him up.

Ice ManEdit

Ice Man is rightfully confident, often freezing his opponent's attacks and countering them. This happens twice, once against Mega Man in the first game arc, and once against Bubble Man in the sixth.

Fire ManEdit

Fire Man is patient, but easily swayed when he knows he'll lose a battle.

Elec ManEdit

Elec Man is not given much of a personality until The Sixth Mega Man Game arc, in which he begins mercifully against Drill Man, later calling in Toad Man to talk down to Drill Man.

Bomb ManEdit

Bomb Man is not given much of a personality.

The Second Megaman GameEdit

Bubble ManEdit

He was sort of "new" to the whole bad guy thing[1].

Flash ManEdit

Flash Man is described as being 'wussy'.

Quick ManEdit

He was hyper active and continuously talks about his "precious"(sugar)[2].

Metal ManEdit

Metal Man is confident in battle and defensive/vengeful when his brother (Quick Man) is destroyed.

Wood ManEdit

Overconfident. [3]

Air ManEdit

Unhappy with the amount of sexual puns he makes, but balances out with being rather clever.

Crash ManEdit

Reasonable, eventually teaming up with Mega Man.

Heat ManEdit

Confident at first, but reacts poorly to pain.

The Third Megaman GameEdit

Magnet ManEdit

A ninja wannabe[4].

Hard ManEdit

Blind to his innuendo.

Top ManEdit

He is gay[5].

Shadow ManEdit

He is dark, mysterious and talks about nonsense.

Spark ManEdit

He thinks he's useless because he has no hands[6].

Snake ManEdit

Hisses in speech, but nothing else major.

Needle ManEdit

He smokes and is on drugs [7].

Gemini ManEdit

One of them is normal, but the other one is stupid, for example: he told Mega Man that they tell riddles, tells him their weakness, etc.

The Fourth Megaman GameEdit

Bright ManEdit

He says he's smarter than the others because he plays video games, eats Doritos and watches "Xena: Warrior Princess". Also, his power is not to freeze time, but he holds boring speeches which make it look like time slows down.

Pharaoh ManEdit

Often brings disco into battles, sometimes 'cheats'.

Ring ManEdit

The only robot to have absolutely no quirks, therefore making him competent.

Dust ManEdit

Often acts without thinking. Can speak Russian. Once again, blind to innuendo.

Skull ManEdit

Old and senile.

Drill ManEdit

Basically like Spark Man, but more of a crybaby. Likes interchanging 'drill' and 'screw'.

Dive ManEdit

Acts like a pirate.

Toad ManEdit

He has asthma and is depressed because he feels useless and ignored. Can be brave at times.

The Fifth Megaman GameEdit

Star ManEdit

Acts like a movie star wannabe.

Napalm ManEdit

Loves the smell of himself in the morning.

Gravity ManEdit

Confident and knowledgeable.

Gyro ManEdit

Fearsome, cunning, and honorable.

Crystal ManEdit

Clairvoyant, but not above trickery.

Stone ManEdit

Treacherous, tricking Mega Man into thinking he smokes. Also very powerful.

Wave ManEdit

Co-conspirator in Stone Man's plan. Sadistic.

Charge ManEdit

Foolish. (Bob didn't bother reprogramming him)

The Sixth Megaman GameEdit

Plant ManEdit

Acts like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

Tomahawk ManEdit

Against pollution and stereotypes, but throws in several cheap shots.

Knight ManEdit

Honorable, but will kick an opponent when he is down (purely as defense for his brethren, of course).

Yamato ManEdit

Highly honorable, polite. Foolish in expecting his spear tip back from Mega Man.

Centaur ManEdit

Against being called a 'horsey'. Confused due to transgendering, but generally up front.

Wind ManEdit

A tad philosophical, but very resourceful.

Flame ManEdit

Given a stereotypical Middle Eastern personality. Loves oil and can speak Arabian.

Blizzard ManEdit

Logical and down-to-earth. Speaks with a Canadian dialect.

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