September 2006
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The Sixth Mega Man Game - Billions of Barrels

Summary: The Flame Man fight, part five

Cast: Mega Man, Flame Man, Blizzard Man

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

FLAME MAN: There, he should burn for another few hours or so. Anyway, you were saying?
BLIZZARD MAN: Oh, I was talking about the unsold barrels of oil.

Panel 2

BLIZZARD MAN: We're talking about millions of barrels. Where could you possibly store it all?
FLAME MAN: You could do what I do.

Panel 3

{The camera zooms out to reveal Mega Man running towards Mr. X's fortress.}
FLAME MAN: Find an old, eccentric billionare with lots of extra room in his fortress. Hell, I must have over...

Panel 4

BLIZZARD MAN: Excuse me, but did our burning victim just run into said oil-filled fortress?
FLAME MAN: {Flame Man speaks in an Arabic language.}

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