September 2006
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The Sixth Mega Man Game - Ashes to Ashes

Summary: The Flame Man fight, part seven

Cast: Mega Man, Flame Man

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

FLAME MAN: Wait a minute, do sisth-degree burns even exist?
MEGA MAN: They do on the X-files.

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: I believe it's the term they use when the bone itself is scorched.
FLAME MAN: Does it hu--

Panel 3

{Mega Man is blurred for a moment, a small "foosh" and "thunk" are seen.}

Panel 4

{Mega Man is on the ground, sans limbs.}
FLAME MAN: Did your remaining limbs just turn to ash?
MEGA MAN: It's just a flesh wound.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Mega Man's line in panel 4 is an allusion to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

External Links Edit

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