September 2006
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The Sixth Mega Man Game - Rock MacLeod

Summary: A brief discussion of the numerous deaths of Mega Man.

Cast: Mega Man, Proto Man

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Proto Man is standing on the left and Mega Man is standing on the right behind a desk. There is a laptop computer on the desk.}
MEGA MAN: What're you talking about? As the fans pointed out, I've died plenty of times.

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: I mean, Bob blew me up...
PROTO MAN: Simply blown clear.
MEGA MAN: And Mynd cut me in half...
PROTO MAN: Easily repaired, both times.

Panel 3

MEGA MAN: And Helmut deleted me...
PROTO MAN: The Author rewrote you.
MEGA MAN: What about that time I ate all those Cossack Busters?

Panel 4

{Proto Man points at Mega Man.}
PROTO MAN: Okay, that time you died, but I don't think your gag reflex will save you this time!

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