September 2006
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The Sixth Mega Man Game - Happily Ever After

Summary: Dr. Wily's robot issues, part three

Cast: Bass, Dr. Wily, Mega Man, Proto Man

Style: 8-Bit, 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The scene shifts back to the present, with Bass, Mega Man, and Proto Man standing around the computer}
MEGA MAN: Heh, I guess it just goes to show you. Even after everything that happened, it all turned out okay.

Panel 2

PROTO MAN: What? No it didn't! Everybody died, maybe even you!

Panel 3

BASS: And then Dr. Wily's robot went berserk.
PROTO MAN: Wait, what?

Panel 4

{The scene shifts back to the past.}
DR. WILY: Oh god! The AT-field is collapsing!

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