September 2006
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The Sixth Mega Man Game - Footloose Flashdance

Summary: The Flame Man fight, part one

Cast: Mega Man, Flame Man

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Flame Man walks up behind Mega Man, who is pulling the shrapnel out of his face.}
FLAME MAN: Hold, Mega Man! You have killed my friend, Wind Man, and for that, I demand vengeance!

Panel 2

MEGA MAN/VIC: Ooh, vengeance! And how do you propose to do that?

Panel 3

FLAME MAN: The same way everyone in my homeland of Saudi Arabia solves their problems.

Panel 4

{The camera pans to the left, showing a barell of oil and a bag of money.}
FLAME MAN: By throwing money and oil at them!

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