Length: 34 comics, August 8, 2002 - September 10, 2002 (View all)

"Mega Man gets a bug in his eye and several blaster shots to the head."

Mega Man gets a bug in his eye, and he gets Proto Man to shoot him in the head to kill it, but it is still there. Roll shoots bug spray, Chadling cuts it, George zaps it, Bass blasts it, Ran hacks it, Bob flames it, Nate pokes it, and Proto Man shoots it again, but it's still in there. Dr. Light then reveals what looks like a big gun, but is actually a pair of superfast tweezers. It was actually an eyelash, not a bug. Then a trio of killer bugs come; a red one with fire blasts, a blue one with ice blasts, and a green one with poison-ivy-leaf blasts (the whole time, small versions of the Author and Rick O'Shay mess around on the side of the comic).

The tiny Author and Rick are standing around, enjoying beer, but then Treble comes and tries to eat them. Bob scares off Treble, but the Author and Rick start acting like Pokémon, which freaks Bob out again. Then mini-Rick is caught by Beat, so the mini-Author gets on Feniks and hits Beat, sending Rick flying. They land and enjoy more beer.

Apparently, Mega Man killed all three killer bugs in one shot, but used all of his energy doing so. Then three more killer bugs; a purple one, a gray one, and a yellow one, come in. Mega Man kills them all with a skillful throw of mini-Rick, then goes to get mini-Author.

They trap the mini-Author in a jar, without air holes. Suddenly, Mega Man kills Proto Man, threatening to kill everyone else...

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