Length: 19 comics, July 18, 2001 - August 5, 2001 (View all)

"Bass drags the Mega Man of the past to Dr. Wily's lab."

Bass and the past (unprogrammed) Mega Man are finally seen doing their "something stupid" mentioned in Back in the Future; standing atop a cliff. Bass sees Dr. Wily's fortress and decides to go for a visit. Dr. Wily starts lecturing Bass for bringing an enemy home, but then remembers that it's the past Mega Man he wanted to destroy (possibly either an undocumented plot or a temporal inversion from the past). He then decides to remove its stupidity programming because that's why Mega won all the battles in the past due to stupidity (Bass retorts that it would be easier to kill him now, but Wily disagrees). Proto Man overhears, and rushes to find someone else to help stop Wily with him.

Proto Man finds someone exceedingly violent to help, where the Author comes in to keep people guessing on who it could be (which was supposed to keep people at the time guessing).

It turns out that the violent person is Roll with a battlesuit. They head back to the fortress.

Meanwhile, Wily is building Zero at this point, and he willingly gives up Mega Man to Proto Man and Roll, having removed the stupid programming.

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