Length: 22 comics, September 2, 2001 - September 23, 2001 (View all)

"Bob, waking up in Mynd's lair, gets beaten up. Then he does some beating."

Bob wakes up in Mynd's secondary fortress, where his blaster was taken by Mike, who is ordered to figure out how to make the portal-creator in Bob's blaster to work (499/its 500 settings are "blast the sh*t out of something" mode), and is testing in on Mynd's second assistant, Chadling. When Chadling comes back down from the ceiling, he was supposed to get shot by the blaster, but is incidentially hit by the one setting Mike hadn't tried; the one portal setting. Mynd wants to now find the Mega Man universe, but the portal is set to "random".

Chadling is now warped to the same "opposite" universe as before.

Mike and Mynd are now torturing Bob until he reveals how to set the portal device, but Bob has no clue how to use it. Mynd decides to review his data about Mega Man and Mega Man X and get the coordinates from there.

Mike is now ordered to beat up Bob, but Bob defeats him with defensive moves.

Mynd is now trying buttons again for the portal device, but with little success.

Bob has escaped and is finding his blaster's location, but Mike catches up with him. He states that Bob is defenseless, but Bob throws his shield at him, knocking him out again.

Back in the Alternate Universe, Chadling is meeting the alternate characters, in similar predicaments as they were before.

Mike catches up to Bob again, but Bob throws his helmet, knocking Mike out once more.

In the Alternate Universe, alternate Chadling, Mike, Mynd, and Techno (from Rick's fancomic) are introduced.

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