Length: 11 comics, March 9, 2001 - March 19, 2001 (View all)

"Bob ends up on a talk show that makes the rest of the comic look normal."

In his cross-dimension traveling, Bob ends up in the Macc's HQ universe and spends some time at the Fairly Aimless RPG Talk Show. Crono, the current guest, is moved over. Bob's talk with Macc Maverick is interrupted by Dark Macc, but he is destroyed by Bob with one shot (presumably, Dark Macc is normally hard to kill). After refusing to join Macc's crew, he is attacked by some easy-to-kill Cids (misc. ones from Final Fantasy). However, he gets freaked out when Macc sends out a Pikachu (Bob is afraid of Pokémon) and promptly blasts open another wormhole, escaping to another universe.

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