Length: 14 comics, January 20, 2001 - February 3, 2001 (View all)

"Bob's gone, but now what? Explanation and resolution, what else?"

George realizes that his world is doomed and the Yellow Demon should maul him to death, but Mega Man explains that the Demon has been converted to their side. The Author then appears, filling in the plot holes about how Mega Man kept coming back from the dead. Bass shows up, not knowing who George is, and he and Mega Man go to do something stupid. The Author explains that the Yellow Demon has been converted to N4-T3 (or simply, Nate) and that Nate's glasses are to control him and shows off his humanoid-transform ability. George is then relieved to know that Bob's portal got redirected to some other space by the Author, so his world is safe.

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