Length: 34 comics, October 9, 2001 - November 1, 2001 (View all)

"Mynd arrives, acting like a good guy while his minions infiltrate our heroes."

Back in the present, Proto Man has feelings of uneasiness, while Mega Man is screaming that the world's coming to an end because Roll told him they were out of ice cream. A portal opens up close to Proto Man and Bass. Bass almost goes in, but Proto Man talks him out of it. First Bob (still knocked out, and Bass has no idea who he is) comes out of the portal and then Mynd, Mike, and Chadling come out. Proto Man welcomes him to the comic. Mega Man wants to know how Chadling got back from the Alternate Universe, but the Helmeted Author knocks him out and takes him to the Rehabilitator (not seen). It is then revealed that Chadling and Mike also like ice cream. Chadling becomes friends with Bass and Mega Man, while Mike becomes friends with Roll.

Mynd, now alone, thinks that he's alone and announces his plans to the audience, but as per the Behind Your Back joke, Nate is behind him and hears everything.

Nate tries to tell Bass and Mega Man, but he has to resort to charades because he can't talk, and they end up thinking it's about the upcoming Halloween holiday. They go off to get their costumes.

Nate tells Proto Man. Proto Man understands clearly, and goes to stop Mynd.

A Halloween special interrupts the storyline.

Mynd is confronted by Proto Man and gets ready for battle.

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