Length: 48 comics, November 2, 2001 - December 19, 2001 (View all)

"Mynd attacks and kills almost everyone except Bob and George."

Before fighting Proto Man, Mynd tells Mike to wipe out Roll, and for Chadling to kill Mega Man and Bass.

Mynd lets Proto Man call Nate, but it was a trick that let Mynd break Proto Man's shield. Likewise, Proto Man does the "Yoink" trick to run away.

Mike confesses to Roll that he has to kill her, but she doesn't seem to take it too seriously and messes with him a little bit, all the while calling him "Ninja Ned". He supposedly dies by falling off a cliff.

Chadling just doesn't want to kill Mega Man and Bass. They decide to kill Mynd and then do something stupid.

Mynd is still battle-ready, now with Nate (in Demon form) by Proto Man's side. His glasses are mistaken as a "control jewel" by Mynd, and he thinks that Nate would now go beserk, but Nate just cries while Proto Man escorts him to get his glasses fixed. Luckily, Mega Man, Bass, and Chadling have arrived to take care of things.

Mynd then takes control of Chadling using a "Jedi Mynd trick", making him kill Bass. Proto Man and Nate come back (glasses fixed with tape) and fail at their attempt to pummel Mynd.

Bass is waking up again, ruining the dramatic moment Mega Man was having.

It is then revealed that Chadling is a Purple Demon, and he grows many, many times the size of Nate. Roll has arrived, but they all have to run as Nate gets crushed by Chadling.

In a surprise twist, Chadling starts to disobey Mynd because the "Mynd tricks" don't work in his Demon form, but Mynd destroys his control jewel, and Chadling explodes. Mega Man then thinks he can take him on, but he is sliced cleanly in half.

Bass then makes up a plan to kill Mynd, but it ends with him, Roll, and Proto Man dead. Mynd goes to kill Dr. Light.

Bob wakes up again, and he and George decide to kill Mynd, seeing how they're the only ones left alive. George's attack alone doesn't stop him, but he decides to use an "ultimate attack" with Bob, but George called it "crossing the streams", and Bob is freaked out because it's dangerous.

They use the ultimate attack, but it creates a large explosion that leads to an uncertain fate for both parties...

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