Length: 19 comics, August 29, 2000 - September 16, 2000 (View all)

"Dr. Wily's intentions are much more evil than anyone thought."

Mega Man ends up in Wily's fortress. Dr. Wily gets his "giant machine of death and destruction". It charges up a seemingly powerful blast, but its faulty Windows 98-based system fires a dud shot and crashes the computer. Mega Man gives Wily a few seconds to get his escape mechanism ready. Then he goes all-out on the machine, using Fire Man's, Bomb Man's, and Elec Man's powers on it. Dr. Wily escapes, but before he leaves, he mentions a second chance to take over the world. The comic jumps back to 16-Bit format, revealing that Dr. Wily kidnapped the Author. He supposedly kills the Author, wiping out Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Light, Roll, Bass, himself; basically the whole world. The last comic is a disclaimer for Bob and George 2.0 (the hand-drawn one), starting October 1, 2000.

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