The Hack Responsible

The Author is as his name suggests, the author of Bob and George. It has been suggested in two of the birthday comics (2002 and 2004) that this is, in fact, the sprite representation of Dave Anez, however that has never been confirmed in the actual storyline parts of the comic.

As expected, The Author controls all the actions that go on in Bob and George, though the question is how much of it does he control by choice and how much just happens and he runs along with it. In the comic, he is represented by a blue and purple helmetless Mega Man recolor sprite.

Debut: April 30, 2000: The Introduction of The Author - Sack the Sound Effects Guy!

"The Author is the creator of the comic and the chaos that surrounds it. He pops in every once in a while."

Powers Edit

The full extent of The Author's powers in the comic are never truly delved upon, but it can be assumed that he can pretty much do whatever he wants since it's HIS comic. The powers actually used in the comic itself are:

  • Teleportation (Accompanied by a "poof" sound effect the first time, "poof" and a lens flare for a while after that, and since then a "pfoof" and a lens flare.)
  • Bringing Back the Dead
  • Hovering
  • Ability to create invisible walls
  • Ability to black out sections of the comic for dramatic tension
  • Blaster
  • Mind reading
  • Teleporting away objects and people
  • Redirecting Interdimensional Portals
  • Altering Comic's Structural Integrity When Having a Breakdown
  • Time Travel
  • Causing Wierdness In Worlds He Visits
  • Creating a Plushie Double.
  • Creating a Battle Energy Duplicate
  • Firing a Comic Destroying Energy Ray
  • Omnipotence

The Author In The Comic Edit

The Introduction of The AuthorEdit

The Author first appeared shortly after Proto Man accidentally killed Dr. Light during the attempt to recreate The First Mega Man Game without Mega Man. His first attempt to appear was failed due to the sound effect being incorrect [1], however his second attempt worked (with trademark "Poof" that would later change to "Pfoof")[2]. Due to neither Proto Man or Roll seemed to care enough to find a way to revive him, The Author stepped in to, as he put it, "Put right what once went wrong, to fix what was broken, to correct the errors that never should have been, to do my duty that I have been chosen to do." [3] However, upon arriving, he was met with bitterness and resentment, as the characters didn't want to be in the comic and wished for the Hand Drawn Comic to start. He was referred to by Proto Man as "The hack to blame for this mess" [4] and was walked out upon while giving his speech [5]. Despite this however, he still revived Dr. Light, who at first mistook him for Mega Man [6].

8-Bit Author

The Author in 8-Bits

The Author as Mega ManEdit

Upon reviving Dr. Light, he was greeted with the task of portraying Mega Man in the recreation by the scientist. The Author didn't want to do the job, wanting to get out of the comic quickly as possible, but Dr. Light had Proto Man attack and grab The Author before he could get away [7]. Being at bay and promised just to do the job until Mega Man returned, The Author agreed [8], and was subsequently reverted to 8-Bits for the recreation process [9]. The Author didn't feel right in the role, even with a helmet and blaster to go with the outfit [10]. However, after a debate about if there was a script [11] and finding out where in the story they were [12], he went to portray the part [13].

Despite agreeing to play the part, The Author still complained that he was a College student in a comic strip. His complaining turned when he realized that he was going to be able to blow stuff up [14], but his complaining had already blocked out the conversation between Dr. Light and Dr. Wily that led to the events of the first game [15]. This in turn led to The Author as Mega Man hearing Dr. Wily's plan as he said it [16]. Dr. Light then, upon Dr. Wily's attack beginning, tried to get The Author to fight back. Not being Mega Man, The Author didn't have any REAL motivation...until Dr. Light said that Dr. Wily insulted his comic [17]. After receiving another blaster and helmet [18], The Author was teleported to the scene, but was quickly overwhelmed by a massive horde of robots due to his inexperience [19][20].

The Return of Mega ManEdit

After somehow managing to get past the horde of minor robots, The Author found himself face to...ankle...with a resized version of the Yellow Demon from Mega Man 1. It was at this point Mega Man returned, easily destroying the Yellow Demon [21] before talking to The Author (and subsequently reverting the comic back to 16-bits). Upon revealing who he was to Mega Man, The Author was quickly persued by the fighting robot and shot at [22]. He managed to end the chase by asking why Mega Man had returned, and found that Mega Man had returned to blow the head off the person impersonating him. However, Mega Man's Stupidity prevented him from realizing that it was The Author that was the one impersonating him [23].

Proto Man arrived on the scene next, first joking about not being able to tell Mega Man and The Author apart when the two were standing next to each other [24], then asking Mega Man why he had returned from his self-imposed exile [25]. With those explainations out of the way, The Author revealed to Mega Man the fact that yes, it was indeed him that was impersonating him. This led Mega Man to give The Author an ultimatum: "Start Bob and George, or I'll kill you where you stand!" Surprisingly, Proto Man found this to be a good idea [26]. After the group referenced the movie Fight Club[27], The Author agreed to start, but for some reason needed a way to return to the real world (this would later be contridicted by him doing so at will). Mega Man put him on one of the boxes with punching gloves inside from Spring Man's level in Mega Man 7, launching him out of the top of the comic and presumably back into the real world (though he didn't know if it would work) [28]. Shortly therafter, the Hand Drawn Comic began, but not before The Author reminded Mega Man that he said he couldn't draw after the hand drawn head of George appeared [29][30].

The Hand-Drawn Comics IEdit

The Author never physically appeared in the first attempt at the hand drawn comics, however his voice was heard when George commented about him being lazy and a bad artist [31]. He was also referrenced by George's alter-ego, Blitz, when his original super-hero name of Spark was revealed [32].


The Author is NOT Happy

The Return of Mega Man (Cont.)Edit

With the first attempt of the hand drawn comic a failure, Mega Man and Proto Man attempted to complain to The Author about having to do the strips again. They soon found that The Author was not in the mood to talk, angry that the attempt had failed [33].

The Attack of The Yellow DemonEdit

Again, though he never physically appears in this section of the comic, his voice is heard. When Mega Man is assessing the situation he's in while on a cliff, The Author informs the people to give him time because "He's kind of new to this thinking thing."[34] It's possible that he was the voice giving the attempted epilogue when the Yellow Demon was presumed destroyed, but that's not been officially confirmed [35]. His last appearance in this saga was one of surprise when Proto Man returned to attack the Yellow Demon, thus putting in question The Author's omnipotence as far as comic-matters are concerned [36].

The Return of The AuthorEdit

In the middle of the Yellow Demon fight, The Author re-appeared in the comic physically, much to the dismay of Mega Man and Proto Man [37] [38]. He had come to offer help in fighting the Demon [39], not expecting them to have a hard time dealing with it (as suggested when asked by Proto Man why he brought it in), but then remembered Mega Man's stupidity [40]. Feeling that he wasn't wanted in the comic, he teleported out (contridicting his previous inability to leave on his own) without giving any actual help [41].

The White SpaceEdit

Upon Mega Man praying for lack of any other ideas, The Author once again appeared this time by debuting his ability to come in by hanging from the top of the comic[42]. Frustrated that the battle was going on too long, he used his powers to teleport the characters to The White Space [43] (though at first he joked that the characters were dead) to talk with them [44]. In the White Space, after ignoring Mega Man's suggestion that they were in The Author's screensaver [45], he reminded Proto Man that Mega Man, having fought the Yellow Demon numerous times before, knew how to easily defeat it [46] [47]. He then returned the two robots to the scene of the battle, where they easily disposed of the monster. He then treated them to drinks. [48]

Why Alcohol is Bad For YouEdit

To cellebrate the defeat of The Yellow Demon (and in real life, Dave's birthday), Mega Man, Proto Man, and The Author went to a bar to drink (and did so for at least 3 hours) [49]. The effects of many, many beers gave The Author two image trails behind him, ala The White Space, and made him want to find a woman to mate with [50]. Proto Man went to follow him, realizing that Roll was the only female in the comic [51], but was lucky to find out The Author had passed out, only saying he loved Roll and that Bob and George would be starting up again soon. Proto Man didn't believe the second half due to the fact that The Author was drunk. [52]

The Attack on Dr. WilyEdit

The Author stayed absent for all of the recreation of the First Mega Man game, but in the aftermath (which broke from the script), he was captured by Dr. Wily [53]. Wily planned to kill The Author because he was sick of being the villain in the strip, and at first Mega Man seemed to like the idea [54]. Mega Man and Proto Man at first went to stop Wily, but upon the proposal of never having to do this again, they stopped and allowed the evil scientist to proceed [55]. The attack on The Author [56], which was presumed to have killed him, sent an obliterating shockwave out, first attacking the main characters [57], then Roll and a debuting in Bob and George Bass [58] [59].

The Hand-Drawn Comic IIEdit

It was revealed by George that The Author wasn't killed, but simply badly hurt and was expected to make a full recovery. This news caused George to lose 50 bucks in the office pool. [60]

Not AgainEdit

Upon returning to the sprite comics, we find out that Wily's attack simply knocked The Author unconscious, and (in storyline terms) another person tried to start up Bob and George. The Author hinted at starting Bob and George properly, but this never happened. [61]

Just Another DayEdit

Although it would appear that Author's first appearance in this storyline was on October 21, 2000 telling Roll he wouldn't fire her for calling him a loser at the end of Not Again, in actuality he didn't appear until November 1 after Proto Man said that only one more thing was needed to make the day complete. He would have appeared on October 30, but he said he was in the bathroom [and in real life, he was delayed because of first Halloween Comic.] Though he forgot at first, thus wasting a strip [62], Proto Man then remembered that he called The Author to stop Mega Man's crazed run caused by paranoid claims of someone controlling his every action and thought. The Author went after him, actually flying (something he hasn't done since this storyline) [63]. His first attempt to stop Mega Man by appearing in front of him (and thus debuting the Pfoof sound effect) was a failure as Mega Man just sped past him[64], as was his second attempt by commanding Mega Man to stop. The second attempt made The Author decide to stop being nice in his attempts [65]. He tried appearing while flying over Mega Man to get him to stop running, but Mega Man actually sped up due to thinking that purple floating aliens would steal his brain, and seeing The Author floating reminded him of that[66]. Finally, The Author was able stop Mega Man with an invisible wall[67]. The Author tried to ask why Mega Man was running, but Mega Man didn't remember the exact details, except that it had something to do with The Author. This led to ominous thunder going off, hinting at something major happening [68]. Proto Man eventually arrived at the scene to ask him the same question, but Mega Man realized something was wrong when, standing with Dr. Light, Roll, and Rush, was a second Author [69].

Not Just Another DayEdit

Mega Man quickly revealed the cause of his confusion to the group [70], but before more could be done about it, Proto Man had both Authors stand next to each other and everyone else leave the area, so Mega Man would have to deal with the situation alone (which Proto Man stated would be funnier) [71]. Left alone with the two Authors, Mega Man tried to simply ask which one was the real one, but both claimed to be [72]. Mega Man continued to try to ask questions in this same vein, but got no positive results out of it [73], so he decided to settle things in his own way, "With stupid brute force!". Unfortunately for him The Authors pulled a variation of the Yoink gag, and ran off [74].

Once in the clear and away from Mega Man, one of The Authors confronted the other, wanting to know who the second one was. When the second Author questioned what made the first so sure he was the original, the first Author formed a blaster, which seemed to be good enough for the second (and the reason for that would be revealed later) [75]. The Imposter Author then questioned what made The Author so sure he was the real Author, and was greeted with the reply of The Author teleporting from one side of the imposter to the other. That seemed to satisfy the imposter [76]. The Author then questioned who the imposter was (again, questioning how much he truly knew in the comic), then upon closer inspection realized who it was. He didn't reveal it out loud to the viewing audience, however...but hinted that there was another person that would be joining the imposter [77]. The Author next asked the imposter what he wanted, and was told that they wanted what was rightfully theirs. The Author agreed, making the imposter wonder if they were talking about the same thing [78]. Proto Man and Mega Man then arrived on the scene, surrounding The Author and the imposter, but in a similar situation as before, Proto Man had an imposter of his own with Mega Man. Unlike The Author imposter, however, the Proto Man imposter made no qualms about hiding his identity [79]. As Proto Man and his imposter were arguing, The Author and his imposter tried to inform that they could explain this, then they asked each other if they knew about this [80]. The Author then tried to stop the arguing, declaring that Proto Man and his imposter were acting like children, but that led to more arguing, and both Mega Man and The Author imposter leaving the scene [81]. The Author tries once more to end things diplomatically, but when Proto Man and his imposter are about to fight, he smartly gets out of the way of their line of fire [82]. Mega Man returns to the scene to tell The Author that he knows who the imposters are, but The Author knows already. He then agrees to a bet with Mega Man, where Mega Man had 20 bucks on Proto Man winning the battle [83]. After winning the battle, Proto Man tried to get his imposter to tell who he was, but The Author stepped in to stop him so the suspense wouldn't be ruined. Proto Man still tried to get things revealed, not caring about the suspense, but The Author forced his will by blacking out the last panel of the strip [84]. He then told Mega Man that he had to go after the other imposter, with threat of imposing his will on Mega Man. Mega Man begrudgingly left, calling The Author a jerk in his thoughts, which The Author managed to hear [85].

The Introduction of GeorgeEdit

The Author never physically appears in this comic, but his voice is heard and powers are seen. First, he yells at Mega Man for saying he was pissy [86], then yelling at him and George for not doing anything besides make fun of him and eat ice cream [87]. Finally, to get things moving, he takes away Mega Man and George's ice cream with his powers [88].

The Introduction Of BobEdit

The Author only appears during the Christmas Special that appears in the middle of this saga, hanging from the top of the comic and throwing a snowball at the back of Bob's head [89].

The Attack Of BobEdit

Like the previous saga, he only appears in an out-of-continuity special. This time, it's the New Year's Special, where he basically told the readers they shouldn't have expected a real comic on New Year's Day [90].

The Aftermath Of BobEdit

The Author finally returned in the storyline part of the comic on January 23, 2001 to give George some answers about the questions that he had. First off, he explained why Mega Man kept coming back even though it appeared that Bob killed him in the previous storyline ([91], [92]). Next, he explained how Mega Man's ghost (revealed to be a hologram) was destroyed, as well as how to create a blaster. The explaination of the latter made George feel stupid, as the Author mentioned even Mega Man could do it [93]. Following this, he explained the appearance of The Yellow Demon again, thusly introducing Nate into the comic universe [94][95], and explaining why he wore glasses. When asked why Nate fwapped Bob into the portal presumed to lead back to the Hand Drawn Comic universe, Dave decided to stall for time by letting Nate transform to human form [96][97]. George questioned The Author on why he hadn't done anything during Bob's attack, but Author assured George that everything was going according to his plan [98]. He finally told George that he changed the location of Bob's portal, and thus ended this storyline [99].

Tales From A Parallel Universe 1Edit

It can be assumed that The Author was the voice behind the public apologies after introducing Alternate Bob ([100]) and insulting Alternate George's blindness ([101]), even though it's never actually publically stated.

Prelude To A Bad TimeEdit

His only appearance here was verbal, saying that people loved time travel (a fact disproven by the characters later) when Mega Man questioned why they were doing a time travel storyline.[102]

A Bad TimeEdit

Without physically or verbally appearing in the comic, The Author played a part in this segment of the story. After insulting him for the difference in their sprites and how they didn't move much since the start of this storyline ([103], [104]), Mega Man and Mega Man X began to see there was a problem. With the Author not appearing to yell at them, they deduced something bad had happened [105] and it happened in the past, affecting The Author's will to write the strip (though also leading to Mega Man wondering why they were still IN the strip) [106].

The PartyEdit

The Author first appeared in this break in the story on April 1, 2001, the exact 1 year anniversary of Bob and George. He teleported into a pitch black room, which soon had the lights turned on and was greeted by a yell of SURPRISE from all the characters that had appeared in the comic in sprite form thus far, excluding Dr. Wily, Bob, Rush and the Robot Masters. Day 2 of the party had Proto Man showing the cake they got off to The Author, but the cake was subsequently destroyed by Mega Man when remembering past Robot Masters that used fire when seeing the cake's candles. Day 3 was just The Author commenting on never seeing someone puke as much as Mega Man was. Day 4 had The Author address the audience about how the sprites were able to move since this was a special occassion. He psuedo appeared in Day 5's comic, showing off the animated transformation of Nate. Finally, on Day 7, he commented about the mess left after the party...then teleported out before the Temporal Inversion swept over after George question why Mega Man and X had to travel back in time again.

The Second Megaman GameEdit

The Author made two appearances during the battle between Mega Man and Heat Man. The first time was to address the audience on the fact that he tested if Crash Bombs worked against Heat Man, and finding out that he didn't was forced to take the comic into a different direction for the battle (much to Mega Man's dismay)[107], then commenting that the audience should have seen the ORIGINAL ending to how Mega Man plants a Crash Bomb inside Heat Man's body [108]. He was also mentioned by Dr. Wily when X once again caught him saying his plans out loud, angry that The Author had broken the promise of never doing the joke again [109].

The Author's BreakdownEdit

After the conclusion of the Second Mega Man game and both Mega Man and X arrived into the future with the past Mega Man, The Author came in to try and tell the viewers they were changing gears, but then broke down saying that he sucked, prompting George to come into the room [110]. Author denied having a nervous breakdown when George suggested it, then started believing George hated him when George replied to that claim [111]. After Bob stepped into this storyline (despite being in an alternate dimension) and questioned what type of stress The Author had doing a sprite comic, Author believed that Bob hated him too [112]. The Author's mental breakdown quickly affected the comic, ruining its structural integrity [113] and even causing some panels to flip around [114]. Surprisingly, it was Mega Man who saved the day, reminding The Author about the Fourth of July and thusly about the fact there would be explosives [115]. On the fourth, The Author held up a big firecraker, calling X a pansy when he was scared off by it. [116]

Something StupidEdit

As an interlude on his birthday, The Author addressed the readers about possible choices that were out for the mystery fighter that Proto Man went to. It would be revealed the next day that none of the characters he mentioned were the right choice. [117]

The Next GenerationEdit

The Author pops down to address the readers on why Dr. Light didn't remember the events of Megaman 2. He simply explains that Dr. Light forgot, and tries to use a Jedi Mind Trick to get the readers to believe there weren't any plot holes. [118]

32-Bit Author

Mmm, 32-Bitty!

In The Year 21XXEdit

The Author pops down to get on X and Zero's case for not returning to their own time, mentioning Mynd was about to arrive and that he was tired of the sexual ambiguity between the two characters [119]. When they tried to mention that they didn't have a time machine to use, The Author simply teleported them to 21XX (and thusly to 32-Bits again) [120].

The Author later appears when Prometheus is pining for how things were, getting startled out of the top of the panel and falling to the ground below [121]. Upon his arrival, Prometheus is happy, glad that The Author has arrived due to the fact that it meant freakiness probably would return and he would get a chance to smirk, which he hadn't done in a while due to everyone being too smart [122]. When The Author questioned if his presence alone would make weird things happen, a chase in the background between Zero and Iris proved that was indeed the case [123]. The Author was curious how Proto Man survived to become Prometheus [124], thus leading to the explaination of The Cataclysm by Prometheus [125]. The Author wanted more details, but Prometheus explained that a future version of The Author, before abandoning the comic in disgust, told him not to reveal the truth to anyone [126]. Frustrated, The Author decided to teleport back in time to see what happened for himself [127].

The Arrival Of MyndEdit

The only time The Author appears is during the Halloween Comic of Year 2...his first appearance in one. (see list below)

The Third Megaman GameEdit

The Author first appears in two storyline breaking comics: The Christmas Special, mentioning that he wouldn't leave the main characters dead from the previous storyline...and The New Year's Special, questioning if the audience was worried about his mental state yet. He would appear again a month later, watching as Mega Man cellebrated being fixed up, then breaking himself again [128]. Two comics later he would get on Mega Man and Proto Man's case about the weird standing up sprite Mega Man had. Later, when The Author went back to fix a plothole, The Helmeted Author came to inform Mega Man of this fact [129].

Tales From A Parallel TimeEdit

The Author makes a brief appearance after Bob, Prometheus, and The Helmeted Author leave...coming out of the bathroom and wondering where everyone is. In the same comic, Roll wonders where he is when Dr. Light is falling down drunk [130].

The Second PartyEdit

The Author arrives on Day 3 of Mike'sinterviews, first asking Mike didn't he die, then questioning if he paid Mike, then finally thanking the readers for continuing to support Bob and George.

The Cataclysm FlashbackEdit

In a flashback of sorts, The Author arrived at The Cataclysm, where he first met The Shadowy Author[131], whom he didn't recognize [132]. He initially balked at the idea of The Shadowy Author serving as his guide to The Cataclysm, but then made a small concession when he realized he wasn't there [133]. The Author asked Shadowy Author why he was helping him, but The Author was called on stalling, despite saying he was covering plot points [134]. He tried to continue to stall, but The Shadowy Author teleported them both away before he could [135].

The Third Megaman Game (Cont.)Edit

The Author made a brief appearance due to it being his birthday. He danced and cellebrated, then collapsed due to being drunk. Freakadave and The Helmeted Author both commented on this [[136]].

He would then wrap up the storyline by popping down from the top of the comic to question if Bob was REALLY surprised by Mega Man's behavior, then comment to Rush about a secret future plan that neither would tell Bob about [137].

Something DifferentEdit

Though unexplained how or why, The Author and Rick O'Shay appear as Poké-Authors in this saga. The Author appears after Rick seems to be stuck in the wall, pulling out a prying tool to help [138]. It manages to work, and Rick is popped out of the side panel [139]. Author then manages to remove his hair, revealing long blue hair for Rick to climb up [140].

After Author is out of the wall, both he and Rik are standing around drinking beers, when Treble shows up, causing them to run [141]. They run past Roll and Dr. Light, with Treble in persuit [142], then manage to reach Bob and clutch onto him for safety [143]. When Bob questions why he shouldn't attack them, they point out Treble, and Bob "saves" them by threating Treble with neutering by spoon [144]. When Bob questions what they are, they reveal their true nature, scaring off Bob and leaving them confused [145].

They try next to run back to where they were (apparently), but Rick is caught by Beat and taken off [146]. Author follows by riding on Feniks, which seems to be the Communist version of Beat, over the heads of George and Ran [147]. He shoots down Beat with Fenik's laser eyes, but this causes Rick to fall down to the ground below [148]. He dives down to save Rick, but it's shown this wasn't neaded as Rick sprouts wings and floats down to the ground below [149].

Freed from their chase with the birds, they go back to drinking their beers, but are drawn towards an explosion off camera [150]. When Mega Man comments that he used up his powers destroying the evil robot bugs, both Author and Rick use their powers to summon more bugs [151]. Mega Man in turn uses Rick as a weapon to destroy the bugs, to which Author does nothing to help [152]. When Mega Man sees how good they are for something, he gives chase and tries to catch Author [153], then puts him in a jar with no air holes [154]. The Author tries to warn Proto Man about Mega Man's attack, but the jar prevents words being heard [155].

The Attack of Mega ManEdit

The Author serves to wrap things up for this storyline. First, he addresses the fact that he's here, though he's also in the jar. It's left ambiguous at the time [156]. Next, he explains that Roll was simply blown clear by Mega Man, and shows that she is pissed at what happened [157]. The Author then tries to lead the audience into thinking Dr. Light went somewhere important when he ran off from Mega Man, but then stated he simply ran into the bathroom (where Roll's head was stuck in the wall of) [158]. He then reminded that no one dies once again, explaining that George was still alive [159], followed by explaining that Bob opened a portal when he ran off from the Poké-Authors and is in another dimension again [160] before joining in for the Year 3 Halloween Party [161].

Tales From A Parallel Universe 5Edit

The Author and his shadowy counterpart end up in the Rockman Universe by accident[162]. The Author then meets a version of himself from a few months in the future[163][164]. He then disappears and leaves The Author alone (as The Shadowy Author left him there). Bob then learns that The Author was corrupting the Rockman Universe, not him[165]. The Author then disappears and The Shadowy Author restores the Rockman Universe[166]. The next time The Author appears (although it's more like a quasi-appearance) is when he and George go off to play Metroid Prime and leave a note explaining why they're not there[167]. The Author is at the New Year's party drinking beer and talking to someone he doesn't know (probably because he's drunk)[168].

Dave's Adventures in CanadaEdit

In a diversion from the Mega Man 4 storyline, The Author(aka Dave) went to visit Liss in Canada. He met Liss's polar bear(named Merv)[169]. Dave's flight back was delayed. Dave ended up being arrested when he made a terrorist joke[170]. Dave and Liss saw an Acadian on Dave's trip[171]. Dave got arrested again when he made a joke about smuggling stuff in to the States[172]. He eventually got out however.

The Third PartyEdit

The Author came in the party late(as usual) and was initally oblivious to the fact that Ran, Proto Man, and George were beating up Mega Man like a pinata[173]. CNBG then told us that The Author got arrested yet again[174]. The Author then got out (or CBNG lied) and was pissed at Rick O' Shay after he did something he didn't like[175]. The Author then got interviewed by Mike[176].

The Fourth Megaman Game, Part 2(cont.)Edit

The Author made a cameo during Mega Man's fight with Bright Man explaining that he may have alienated some of his fans[177]. Mega Man referenced The Author in another strip as well[178]. Other than that, he doesn't appear in this part of the storyline.

Non SequiturEdit

Mega Man X referenced The Author in two strips[179]]. He didn't actually appear in this storyline however.

The Fourth Megaman Game, Part 3Edit

The Author appeared in three non-storyline strips. Two of them were the Fourth of July and the birthday specials[180][181]. He also appeared in a brief diversion strip[182].

Story TimeEdit

The Mini-Author briefly appeared in some of Proto Man's flashbacks[183][184]. The Shadowy Author also appeared towards the end of the storyline[185]. The Author and his shadowy counterpart also appeared in a brief diversion[186][187].

Another Bad TimeEdit

Mini-Rick recruited George in order to help the Mini-Author get out of the jar he's trapped in[188]. George then broke the jar and The Author grew back to normal size[189]. The Author then restored Rick O' Shay back to normal size as well[190]. Oddly enough, The Author rebuilt the jar and put the Mini-Author back in it and goes off with Rick and abandons to drink some beer[191]. The Author then reappears to do a brief Matrix parody and tell George that nanobots and lightning don't go well together[192][193]. The Author also appeared in the Halloween strip as well[194]].

BnG News ExposéEdit

The Author appeared in the Christmas strip and another non-canon strip[195][196]. He didn't appear in the actual storyline however.

Helmeted AttackEdit

In his first major appearance in a storyline in about a year and a half, Fistandantilus found out that he failed in his plan of kidnapping The Author inside a jar[197]. Fisty then learned that Author had created a paradox via George a few storylines ago[198]. Author was out drinking the whole time he was absent from the comic[199]. He had to let Uncle Fisty(as Mega Man called him) in to this universe because of union rules[200], but made him wear a helmet, thus creating The Helmeted Author(or Helmut for short)[201]. The Author then revived Mega Man[202] and George[203]. Author tried to get Fistandantilus to leave but he wouldn't. We learned that he had been responsible for everything in the comic but The Author breaking out of the jar[204]. They then played with the sprits they had summoned[205][206]. Then they finally started fighting. Chickbot came because of copyright infrigement. The Author then distracted her and she left. The two Authors then blasted at each other and caused a giant explosion to happen. The explosion sent George, Proto Man, Chickbot, Rick O' Shay, and Mega Man to The White Space[207].

The Fourth PartyEdit

The Author came back from the battle to save Mike's life. He kicked Fistandantilus's ass in under a minute[208]. Author then banished Fisty to the white space below the daily blurb. Author then put on the helmet and went back to play the drums when Bass and Nate combined to form B4T3(or Bate)[209].

The Adventures of Ninja NedEdit

The Author made a cameo in the first strip of this storyline. He and Mega Man were reconsituting Nate[210]. Otherwise, he didn't appear in this storyline.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 5½, Part 1Edit

The Shadowy Author (or Shador for short) was showing The Regular Author one of the versions of the Rockman Universe as the Catalysm for that version of the universe happened [211]. Shador explained the future and tried to explain this paradox to The Regular Author[212][213]. Shador then told The Regular Author things about the future[214]. Dave then went back to his own time to prepare for his timeline's future[215].

The Fifth Megaman Game, Part 2Edit

The Author made a brief off-camera appearance during Mega Man's battle with Star Man[216]. Other than that, he didn't appear in this part of the storyline.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 5½, Part 3Edit

The Author jumped timestreams in order to put signs on the Alternates so that the readers could tell them apart[217]. Otherwise, he didn't appear in this part of the storyline.

The Fifth Megaman Game, Part 3Edit

The Author jumped timestreams again. He appeared when Bob said making Robot Masters was as easy as making a sprite comic[218]. He appeared in the Year Five Birthday comic and the Year Five Halloween comic as well (both of which are non-storyline). Otherwise, he didn't appear in this part of the storyline.

The Attack of Non-Alternate MyndEdit

In a non-storyline comic, he got almost got eaten by Merv[219]. Liss saved him just in time for New Years' special[220]. Both comics were non-storyline. He didn't appear at all in the actual storyline.

A&E Biography MonthEdit

The Author's sprite was used to represent Dave in a couple of panels in this storyline. The Author also appeared in a few storyline descriptions in the biography strips[221][222][223][224][225].

The Fifth PartyEdit

The Author appeared when Mike had Proto Man shoot him in the head so he couldn't do the interviews[226]. The Author then talked to Shadow Man (and then Mike once he interrupted)[227]. The Author was also referenced during some of the interviews[228][229][230]. Alternate Bob also interviewed Author as well [231].

The Attack of X and The Mind of XEdit

As usual, The Author appeared in the Fourth of July and birthday comics[232][233]. He otherwise didn't appear in these storylines.

The Aftermath of XEdit

The Author appeared in the Year Six Halloween Comic (which was non-storyline). That was his only appearance in this storyline.

Prelude to The Worst TimeEdit

A cat attacked The Author in the Year Six Christmas Comic. He also appeared in a non-storyline filler[234][235]. He didn't actually appear in any in-storyline comics though.

The Worst TimeEdit

The Author only appeared in the New Years Special,and he was very drunk,he was asked if he was drunk and responded "Very Probably"

The First Annual Robot Tournament Part 1Edit

The Author's only appearence in The First Annual Robot Tournament Part 1 was on Sunday Feburary the 19th for a special anniversary, and he got beaten up by Liss.

The 6th PartyEdit

The Author appeared on every day of the 6th Party except April 6.

1st Day: He was trapped by super strong glue with Rick O'shay while trying to get to beer. 2nd Day: There was a massive time travel accident and Dave was the only one there unaffected and said "I hate time travel" 3rd Day: There was a giant spagehtti monster and Dave was running with everyone yelling "Where's the Invisible Pink Unicorn when you need her?!" 4th Day: Apparently according to the NO Comic Today issue Liss was being a pain or something, or Dave was lazy,either one. 5th Day: Sheer Abject Laziness was the reason, less then half of Dave can be seen on the right side of the issue. 6th Day: Dave didn't appear in this one,or that is there is a hypnotoad. 7th Day: There were crap loads of cameos and Dave was wondering who the hell they all are.

The First Annual Robot Tournament Part 2Edit

Jazz cameoed in the 2nd half and the Author was being sued by Ramnesis (Jazz's creator), he avoided it by making Jazz win by default,and Dive Man apparently was blown up by a nuclear warhead or something.

For the next 2 issues the Author was meditating, George inturuppted and Author replied "Quiet douche,I'm meditating.", Dave continued after George left and got attacked by a evil cat.

After that the Author didn't appear for the rest of the storyline.

The 6th Megaman GameEdit

Superman appeared,but it is unknown if it was actually Author or not.

At one point Megaman switched to Knightman's colours, George accused Megaman of Copyright Infringement, and Author came and dealt with it saying that it's the past, and Megaman has more to the colours and that it's a Megaman based sprite comic and that the cast has no right to accuse of copyright infringement, reminded Vic that Megaman's blaster was disabled and then left.

All Good ThingsEdit

The Author initially did not appear in this storyline,but there was a reference to him by Megaman,Protoman,Bass and George in the present asking why he wouldn't have noticed that the Helmeted Author escaped from the White Space, the answer was that he was distracted by a wierd face that looked like a bug moving. Recently, it was revealed that he plays a much larger role in the story than previously thought. He has been kidnapped by Bob in the past, present, and the future. George is of the opinion that this plan is stupid and that it is just ripping off Wily's plan from the beginning of the comic. However the Shadowy Author warns George that there is more to the plan than meets the eye.

Return of BobEdit

In this storyline The Author appears in the Fourth of July comic. Other than that, he only appeared unconscious in the pod.

The Last StripsEdit

After George saved everyone from Bob's supernova the Author was still in the pod. When George attempted to kill Bob, Fistandantilus and the author both emerge. They explain that the last few years of the comic was a bet between them to see if George was actually willing to shoot Bob. The Author won.

When George asked what the reason for the rest of the comic was for, it was revealed that the reason that George ended up in the comic, was that his mom wanted to train George and the Author offered his universe for it. The Author told her that it was no trouble, and agreed to do the epilouqe the next day.

The EpilogueEdit

After Bob and George returned to their home universe, The Author quit running the comic. Without the Author's influence, the zaniness disappeared and everything returned to normal. However, he refused to get involved when Zero was activated and began The Cataclysm, which led to the death of just about every character. He blamed himself for allowing all this death and destruction, and became the Shadowy Author. Or at least, that's how things would have happened, had Zero not mentioned the Cataclysm to Dr. Wily during the final battle. Dr. Wily decided not to activate Zero, which prevented The Cataclysm from occuring. When everyone faked their deaths and moved to Acapulco to preserve the future timeline, The Author joined them, or at least popped in from time to time.

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