The F-Bomb is the occasional use of the swear word "fuck" in the comic, usually saved for moments of extreme emotion. Since it's considered a severe swear word, it is rarely used, at least uncensored.

It first appeared in the comic on December 1, 2001 during the Attack of Mynd storyline. Mega Man had just been sliced in two easily by Mynd, prompting the apt one-word response from Roll.

Since then, it has become a tradition for every December 1 comic to use the F-Bomb in its dialogue. A possible exception exists on December 1, 2004, but the comic references the running gag in its name and contains enough censored profanity to make up for it. On December 1, 2006, however, no use of the F-Bomb appeared.

The only comics to use the F-Bomb that does not occur on that date is the Sept. 24, 2005 comic. It was well worth breaking tradition for that one instance, considering that George thought he had inadvertently killed off the entire cast of the comic in one fell swoop. The other was the last strip of The Return of Bob, were it was also worth it as it appeared the universe was going to explode and the comic would end before it was December 1 again.

Early on in the comic, Dave was originally thinking of having Mega Man use the F-Bomb while The Yellow Demon was regenerating (he was fighting him/it). However, he ultimately decided against it[1]

Appearances in the comicEdit

Note that, with one exception, every comic to use the F-Bomb mentions its use in the comic's title.

The Attack of Mynd - Roll Says the F-Word

Tales From a Parallel Universe 5 - The Shadowy Author Says the F-Word

George's Really Bad Day - The Helmeted Plans

The Fifth Megaman Game - Ran Says the F-Word, Maybe

The Mind of X - George Says the F-Word

Prelude to the Worst Time - George Says the F-Word

The Return of Bob - Protoman Says The F-Word

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