Length: 11 comics, March 30, 2005 - April 9, 2005 (View all)

"More animated comics with a new and more fashionable host."

Mike and Proto Man are talking, Proto Man reminds mike of the party and Mike asks him to shoot him in the head. Then, the Author shows up and tells him the intervieuwer is going to be someone else. Later, The Author is talking with Shadow Man while Mike shows up asking who the new interviewer is. The Author tells he should arrive soon, then Alternate Bob shows up as the new interviewer and blasts Mike for saying "Ugh. That is so gay."

Alternate Bob then interviews some people:
Shadow Man: Comments on why he keeps appearing in the comic and then why he isn't going to be a major character in the comic. He then asks Alternate Bob to "smell his ass finger."
Alternate Mega Man and Bass: Alternate bob tells them that they destroyed the Rockman Universe and nearly the regular Mega Man universe in an effort to stop Bob. But then they claim that they have amnesia.
Metool D2: Explains what he credits with the defeat of Bob and how he came in the alternate universe before alternate Mega Man and Bass. (Unfortunately, the reader can't see what he tells him.)

The party ends with an "Year Five in 30 Seconds (And there's no stopping it!)

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