This article is about the Tournament itself, for the storyline the Tournament takes place in, go here.

The First Annual Robot Tournament was an event hosted by Mr. X that takes place in the background story of Mega Man 6. In Bob and George, the tournament itself is a part of the Sixth Megaman Game Storyline.

The RulesEdit

The Tournament was meant to be a single elimination tournament, with the winners advancing and the losers going home. Bob, who had come from the future, served as the referee. Anyone caught cheating would be immediately removed from the competition.

Round 1 BattlesEdit

Battles are in the order they appeared in the comic. Winners are in Bold.

  • Knight Man VS Magnet Man
  • Wind Man VS Ball Man
  • Paste Man VS Pacifist Man (method of victory unknown)
  • Wave Man VS Centaur Man
  • Flash Man VS Crystal Man
  • Skull Man VS Yamato Man
  • Warp Man VS Crash Man
  • Pac Man VS Ghost Man
  • Cut Man VS Plant Man
  • Toad Man VS Spark Man (victory by suicide)
  • Charge Man VS Tomahawk Man
  • Ring Man VS Snake Man
  • Flame Man VS Pudding Man (battle not shown)
  • Metal Man VS Wood Man
  • Quite-on-Fire Man VS Blizzard Man
  • Pharaoh Man VS Fire Man (paid Blizzard Man a dollar to kill him)
  • Urinal Man VS Bass Man
  • Gravity Man VS Hard Man
  • Needle Man VS Ran
  • Gemini Man VS Quark Man
  • Star Man VS Shadow Man (forfeit)
  • Bomb Man VS Ran Mark 2
  • Dive Man VS Jazz
  • Maneki Man VS Mouse Man
  • Stone Man VS Guts Man
  • Bright Man VS Quick Man
  • Heat Man VS Dust Man
  • Ice Man VS Bubble Man
  • Napalm Man VS Goop Man
  • Top Man VS Gyro Man
  • Drill Man VS Elec Man (taunted to death by Toad Man, presumably)
  • Air Man VS Dragoon Man

Round 2Edit

  • Knight Man VS Pacifist Man

No other battles took place, because after this, Bob reprogrammed Mega Man to be evil and the remaining participants were either destroyed or fled. The tournament ended without a winner.

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