Length: 28 comics, August 1, 2000 - August 28, 2000 (View all)

"The re-enactment continues, with the Blue Bomber defeating the evil Wily-bots."

The re-enactment of the first game starts with Dr. Light re-capping what happened so far while reprogramming Mega Man; Dr. Wily has stolen the first six robots and is using them to take over the world. He gets Mega Man ready, and sends him off.

The first enemy is Cut Man, who loses in part of his Cut Blades getting stuck in the comic frame. Mega Man gets his Cut Blades.

The next enemy's level is Guts Man's area; Mega Man has a hard time with the moving platforms. When he reaches Guts Man, he finds out the source of his blocks is an area above the ceiling where they are all kept until he wants one. Using the Cut Blades, he hits the blocks and they all crush Guts Man. Mega Man gets his same block-hurling ability.

Next, Mega Man gets to Ice Man. He tries throwing the block, but Ice Man freezes it, causing it to shatter. When he inhales to attack again, Mega Man throws one of the ice chunks in his mouth, choking him to death. He gets Ice Man's power.

Next is Fire Man, but his death is not shown; he supposedly is scared to death of Ice Man's ability. Mega Man supposedly gets his flame power.

The next enemy is Elec Man. Mega Man starts losing, and flees the fight.

He runs accidentially into Bomb Man's area. He asks where the bombs come from, and they are revealed in a large pile just off the screen. While Bomb Man's back is turned, Mega Man flees back.

Mega Man is now stuck in between Elec Man and Bomb Man. He jumps over the pile of bombs. Elec Man doesn't think, zaps himself through the bomb-pile, and sets them all off. Mega Man is blown off the screen, but Bomb Man and Elec Man are destroyed. Mega Man somehow got both their powers, but is flying straight toward Wily's fortress...

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