Length: 93 comics, March 9, 2003 - May 31, 2003 (View all)

"Kalinka and Ran infiltrate Dr. Wily's Fortress... and get stuck."

In the present, Ran was getting repeatedly killed by George's nefarious pokes. He continues his story.

After enough testing of the Ran-generator, Kalinka and Ran sneak into Dr. Wily's fortress via the huge air duct next to the front door. Ran hits his head on the ceiling and dies, but he can't beam back inside. He decides to beam outside the fortress and re-enter. After breaking some more, Kalinka ends up stuck because Ran was the only thing that produces light (from his eyes) and she screams in frustration.

Further inside the fortress, Dr. Wily and Proto Man hear Kalinka's scream. Proto Man goes to check it, but he dismisses her as a duct mouse.

At Cossack's lab, Ran informs Dr. Cossack that Kalinka was stuck in Wily's fortress. He isn't given a chance to finish, though, and Cossack infers a kidnapping.

Cossack calls up Dr. Wily about it, but Dr. Wily doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. Cossack then agrees to help Dr. Wily's world conquest if he will give Kalinka back. Wily agrees, despite Proto Man's suspicions. Proto Man is told to find Kalinka in the fortress and then kidnap her.

George doesn't believe that Proto Man would be so stupid to ignore Kalinka, still screaming in the duct. Ran dismisses it as more capitalist lies.

Proto Man has found Kalinka and traps her, saying that Mega Man would be there any time now.

In the current time, Mega Man has joined Ran and George to remind them of the third anniversary party.

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