Length: 42 comics, April 6, 2003 - May 17, 2003 (View all)

"Mega Man gets involved and kills some Cossack-bots."

Dr. Light informs Mega Man that there are eight more Robot Masters trying to take over the world. Mega Man sets out for Dr. Wily's fortress, not listening that it's actually Dr. Cossack behind this one...

At Wily's fortress, Wily honestly tells Mega that he has no idea what he's talking about. Proto Man hints to Mega that he should talk to Kalinka in the basement...

Mega Man finds Kalinka after talking to the broom from Final Fantasy I. She informs him of what happened, but Mega misinterprets it as Cossack being really evil, and goes off to find him.

He runs right past Toad Man without notice.

The Robot Master he first defeats is Bright Man. His ability was supposedly to slow/stop time with his intelligent blabbering, but he was killed when Mega threw a rock at his lightbulb-head.

Mega is now confronted into an unescapable fight; Ring Man, Dust Man, and Pharoh Man behind him, along with Drill Man, Skull Man, and Dive Man in front. Mega asks about where their fortresses are, but gets even more confused about the plot change when it turns out they don't have any.

The first robot he fights is Pharoh Man. He kills Mega easily, but due to the current fighting-game style environment, Mega blips back for "Round 2". He uses Bright Man's power to give a lecture on the properties of glass while Pharoh Man is charging an energy-ball. Pharoh Man drops the ball as he falls asleep, thereby exploding himself. Mega just sees it as rude.

Mega is about to fight Ring Man, but a Soviet kid (coincidentially, the same one that built the volcano that beat Ran at the science fair) states that "Round 3" has to be done with Pharoh Man to follow standard fighting-game rules. Mega Man kills him.

In the current time, the kid is back, saying that Mega broke the First Law of Robotics (that robots can't harm people). Ran kills him for the second time.

Ring Man, although he had no quirky personality (making him competent), is defeated with a blast from Pharoh Man's power. However, he has chopped off Mega's right arm.

The next Robot Master to kill is Dust Man. After an argument about how suggestive his abilities sound when spoken, he inhales Mega Man. This proves to be a bad idea when Mega can't fit in there ("I think it's all that ice cream you eat."). Mega pokes his brain a little bit, and then blows it up. He is crushed by Dust Man's bulk, and he now can't get out of him.

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