Length: 10 comics, April 2, 2004 - April 11, 2004 (View all)

"The Helmeted Author has been defeated but the White Space is compromised."

George and Proto Man fall into the White Space. They meet Rick O'Shay who decides to not update the comic one day. Later they meet with Chick Bot who accidentally summons a horde of taco's wich cause the white space to reach critical mass.

Later, Mike comes to interview some people:
Rick O'Shay: Mike asks Rick's thoughts on while he was running the comic and The Author was fighting with Fistandantilus. His answer: "God I need a beer." Then he tells Mike about the Mega Man Recolors.
Mynd: Mike just goes away. Mynd's answer "No! Wait! I still have to wink at you!"
Ramnesis: Mike tries to ask him something, but then taps him so he falls on his back, revealing him to be dead.

And, lastly(as usual), there is an 'Year Four in 30 Seconds comic again.

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