The Last Strips

George became Shador two years ago!?

Length: 9 comics, July 20, 2007 - July 28, 2007 (View all)

"Not Applicable"

After Bob went Supernova at the end of the Previous Storyline[1] he realized that he had failed to destroy everything. He then unmasked The Shadowy Author to reveal George who had been absent from The Return of Bob. It is then revealed that George had simply pretended to be Shador for the past two years, since Another Bad Time[2] [3] George then brought his blaster and was ready to finally kill his brother. However, the blaster didn't fire. Fistandantilus then jumped out of Bob, and The Author floated out of the pod he was in. He then told Fisty, that he "owes him 5 bucks" and then explained that a majority of the comic was just a bet to see if George would kill Bob, and that the rest of the comic was a plan by Mom to toughen-up George and straighten out Bob.

The final comic, The Epilogue told the predetermined future of the characters, and then told that everything it had just said was what they WOULD have done, had Zero not told Dr. Wily about the Cataclysm[4] so they all just faked their deaths and moved to Acapulco.

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