Length: 26 comics, August 6, 2001 - August 26, 2001 (View all)

"Zero arrives from the future to bug, annoy, and pester X."

Mega Man and Mega Man X are looking at X while being generated, much to X's embarrasment. Zero arrives from the future to check on X, and ends up looking at X in his generation capsule as well.

Meanwhile, the broken past Mega Man has been brought back, and the Author tries to convince the readers that Dr. Light forgot what happened in Mega Man 2, but rather unsuccessfully.

More talking with Zero, Roll, X, and Proto Man, and it is hinted that X and Zero may be gay.

Dr. Light is still reprogramming the past Mega Man, and the current Mega Man takes off his sunglasses (the reprogramming is very bright) and blinds himself.

Zero and X go talk to Dr. Light, and Roll's suit apparently has gay-dar. She decides to drop the matter once Proto Man tells her it's gossip.

Dr. Light and X find out Zero was created by Dr. Wily, but the stupid part was that "Property of Dr. Wily" was written on his back the whole time (they thought it was a big mystery). They decide not to tell anyone. Mega Man comes in, mistakes their talking as insulting him, and he locks himself in the bathroom (thinking he quit the comic).

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