Length: 11 comics, May 21, 2000 - May 31, 2000, continued June 11, 2000 - June 13, 2000 (View all)

"Looking for his imposter, Mega Man returns, dumber than before."

The Author is now being assaulted by the Yellow Demon, but Mega Man finds the Author, and, after a bit of clearing up, finds out the Author is the "imposter" he's looking for. Proto Man catches up, and he and Mega Man force him to get back up and work on the hand-drawn comics. This marks the first end of the sprite comics.

Mega Man and Proto Man realize they are in the strip again as The Hand Drawn Comics I ends. They try to ask the Author about it, but he seems very angry at the moment. Mega Man then ends up in a hole as an attempt at something funny.

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