Length: 4 comics, April 2, 2002 - April 5, 2002 (View all)

"It's the second anniversary, with interviews by Mike."

For the Second Anniversary Party, Mike does some interviews.

Mega Man: Is complaining about how he was supposed to be in for only two weeks, and that he has to be in over 17,000 webcomics that week.

Kefka: A community member. His speech is cut off by a Moogle's rude outburst.

Ramnises: A subcomic author. He's cut off by another author throwing a ball at him.

Roll: Ignores the question and notices that Mike is supposed to be dead.

Dr. Light: Too drunk to answer the question.

Megami: Famous artist in the community. A stark raving mad fanboy comes up with a request, but Oneh-San kills him.

Mynd: Acoknowledges the fact that he and Mike are supposed to be dead, then they sneakily wink at each other.

Nate: Does not speak. Mike says it was the best interview all night.

Rick O'Shay: Asked what was under his hat. He pulls off the hat, hair that looks like the Author's, some ridiculously sparkly pink hair, and ends with the exact same hat.

Helmeted Author and Maverick Megami: When asked if he felt like a pervert by dating M. Megami because she's underage, Helmut sucker-punches Mike into submission.

Ran: Says his popularity is linked to communism.

Alternate Bob: Asked about how he is gay, but he offends Zero, standing just offscreen.

Techno and Slider: Slider says Techno should get a battlesuit. Techno agrees.

Liss: First subcomic author. Interrupted by Oneh-San.

The Author: Mike quit here because the Author brought up the fact that Mike should be dead. He then gave a small thank-you speech about how much the comic had grown.

It ends with "Year Two in Thirty Seconds (Relatively Speaking)".

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