Length: 5 comics, April 1, 2003 - April 5, 2003 (View all)

"More interviews from Mike while everyone beats the hell out of Mega Man."

The Author comes slightly late for the party, and George and Proto Man have already started playing "Beat Mega Man With Big Heavy Sticks".

Mike reports that Mega Man and The Author have been confirmed as terrorists, but gets with the interviewing of all people waiting to beat Mega Man with heavy sticks.

Roll: Asked why she was so far back in line as the person most likely to beat Mega Man first, but she remarks that it's her fifth time in line.

Sniper Johan: Mistaken for "Sniper Joe". According to him, Sniper Joe is a pretty bad sniper.

Rick: Starts a "Will Sprite for Food" ad, cutting off the first part of the interviews.

Mynd: Mike takes note of the fact that Mynd should be in another dimension. Mynd asks the same and winks at Mike hintingly, but he doesn't get it this time.

Mega Man: It turns out that this Mega Man is from the future, come to the past to beat up his past self for no reason.

The Author: Asked what it was like to maintain a three-year-old webcomic, he said he was tired... and poor.

The storyline ends with "Year 3 In 30 Seconds."

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