An admiral of the Aventa Empire, Rualfonso (otherwise known as "Rua") makes himself out to be the one in charge of the seizing of Eleh. He can often be seen making death threats to his subordinates and he is not afraid to confront his problems... as long as someone else does the dirty work. He is last seen reverted to his original self in "A World in Danger - aka the Mastermind Revealed." Whether he still exists or not is a question still unanswered.

First appearance: Comic #16

Pre-Universal VoyageEdit

It was never shown in the previous comic, but supposedly in Nameless Wonder: The Inevitable Destiny, Rua was a hobbit who wished to aid the heroes in the Soda Wars. Rua fell under a spell, however, and aligned himself with Maligna. In return he was promised immortality. He was killed by Deathguise in battle, but Maligna mentioned that Rua would be reincarnated so that he could live on forever.



Misc InformationEdit

- Rua is dressed like Alfonso from the video game Eternal Arcadia/Skies of Arcadia. Just like his video game counter part, he sends someone else out to do the fighting for him.

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