Alan is the best friend of Rinalm. He has a little sister named Julianna and two parents, both whom are botanists. Alan is equipped with the Norub weapon, a boomerang and shield. The innocent fifteen year old would do anything to protect his best friend.



Story Edit

With his parents out of town and nobody to look after his sister while he went shopping, Alan turns to his friend Rinalm for help. Realizing that his friend is too ill to take care of his sister, he rushes off to retrieve some medicine for Rinalm. Rinalm's mother tells Alan later on that she'd take care of Julianna while he's gone.

Alan is almost finished shopping in Ludgeloom town when a seer rushes to him in a huff. She explains that he and Rinalm are in danger, as a man wearing a blindfold would soon come to kill them. They then find out that AlienOmega and God of Hentai are also after Rinalm. Alan "kidnaps" his friend in order to save him, but because of the illness and medicine combined Rinalm experiences an acid mind trip. Alan drags his friend away, thinking that running would be their best strategy. Duba and Jux appear before them in an intangible state to tell them not to worry and to confront these demons.

AlienOmega and God of Hentai eventually find the duo, but Alan refuses to let them speak. A battle ensues and Alan manages to defeat AlienOmega. God of Hentai grabs Alan with his tentacles and whips him into a stone wall.

When Fuhto arrives and attempts to kill Rinalm, Alan experiences a second wind and fights Fuhto. He is knocked unconscious by the demon, but Duba appears again to distract Fuhto. That isn't enough for the blindfolded demon, however, as he tries to flee and brings Alan with him. Rinalm uses his hookshot claw to rescue his friend from being kidnapped.

Alan trained with Rinalm for a while to prepare for any other attacks that would happen in the future. However, when Fuhto returned and froze the world Alan was caught in the ice beam, dooming him to an icy fate.

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