A veteran of the Soda Wars that took place before Universal Voyage. Deathguise managed to literally scare Maligna Evel to death in the battle against Todd. He joined some of the other veterans in moving to the Infinium Galaxy.

Story Edit

Shortly after NW left for his adventure across the universe, Deathguise was kidnapped and placed in a jail cell for nearly a year. This was because he fell for a trap laid out for NW by Grohm.

He managed to break free and hid in a hidden area near NW's home. It wasn't until Ian came by and sent the kidnappers a message that Deathguise was truly free.

Later, NW would attempt to ask Deathguise for information on Grohm. Unfortunately Deathguise knew nothing but joined NW on his quest to seek out the truth. DG eventually teleported away when Grohm tried to completely shutdown and dissolve the building with everyone trapped inside. Deathguise never learned why Grohm took him into custody.

In two seperate flashbacks Wubby explains that Deathguise, along with the other veterans, were warped away by Muba. In another flashback it is shown that the evil Dr. Kirby Wily was planning on eating the veterans for dinner. It is unknown whether or not they had all survived.

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