A veteran of the Soda Wars that took place before Universal Voyage. Erwand hails from Canada, and is mostly known for throwing a rubber ducky at Maligna. After the Soda Wars he moved to Infinium Earth.

Story Edit

Erwand spent his days lounging around an apartment that he and the other veterans shared. After Ian asks Erwand where Ikasu Aozora lives, Erwand runs off to NW's home to tell him how to sneak into the house. He listens to the story of Ian and NW in Galsia, but like the others around him he didn't quite understand what was going on.

The last time Erwand is seen is in two flashbacks. The first flashback consists of Wubby remembering that Erwand was warped away by Muba, and the second flashback shows that the evil Dr. Kirby Wily planned on eating Erwand for dinner. It is unknown whether or not he survived the encounter with the puffball.

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