A veteran of the Soda Wars that took place before Universal Voyage. Reno is part time musician, full time boozehound. He introduced NW to binge drinking in NW:TID.

Reno is rarely seen in Universal Voyage, but when he is shown he's usually drinking. He moved to Infinium Earth after the Soda Wars to live a new life consisting of playing music and drinking beer. Basically it was his old life all over again, but why break a perfect formula?

Reno is last seen in two flashbacks. One consisting of him being warped away by Muba, the other showing the evil Dr. Kirby Wily planning on eating him for dinner. It is unknown whether or not Reno had survived the encounter.

Outside of Universal Voyage Edit

Reno is the main character in the comic Here Is A Question, by the author of the same name.

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