"The sound of inferiors is equivalent to the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard..."

A member of the Unholy Council, his rank has yet to be revealed. He gives orders to his "workers" who manufacture the gaia gems. He can often be found in a strange room watching events unfold throughout the universe, although the limitations to that ability has not been defined. He also casually insults everyone around him. His current obsession is eliminating the Nameless Wonder.

First appearance: Comic #498


In the short chapter "To Kill Two Stones With One Bird" Lord Hova appears when he is called by Varx to answer a question. Shortly after the inquiry, Lord Hova calls him back to send him on a quest. He tricks Varx into thinking that the Nameless Wonder murdered one of the "good guys," Maligna.

Varx rejects the offer after admitting to lacking any sort of ability to fight. Lord Hova explains to him that the Gaia Rods are processed into gems that give the user great power. He gives the power of strength, speed, vitality, and the ability to possess others to Varx and sends him off on a quest for revenge and more Gaia Rods.

In the end of the "These Lovely Days" storyline, Lord Hova is seen watching the events unfold from his strange room. He notes that Grohm mentioned that the Nameless Wonder had a sibling and suddenly has an idea. He sends a message to Varx to save Tsukino Grohm from death so that they can get more vital information about this sibling.

When the fight between NW and Roy is finished in Chapter 18, Lord Hova grumbles over the loss of Varx. Not only did Varx not kill NW, but he failed in obtaining the Gaia Rods belonging to Infinium Earth and Eleh as well. In a scary moment he mentions he will not tolerate failure, and continues to grumble in furiation. He is last seen leaving his room after a "worker" informs him that a vessel has been spotted outside the city.

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