A demon from ancient times who has been causing trouble for ages. When he is in his spikey-black hair human form he refers to himself as Todd Evel but in his giant red form he is known as Matinel. He has two sons.

First appearance: Comic #35

Pre-Universal VoyageEdit

Todd was the main villain of Nameless Wonder: The Inevitable Destiny. He was the cause of the great Soda War and nearly succeeded in stealing NWs source of energy. He was thought to be dead after NW defeated him.


Todd Evel is first mentioned in what can only be described as the "Recap Rap." as a demon who had fought NW and his friends in the past. He was believed to be dead after the final battle.

Thunel, a friend of Todd who was posing as one of the good guys, attempted to scare NW with a hologram of the demon in order to trick the hero.

Todd then appeared as himself while Ian and Blue Hair Girl were up on the rooftop after being ditched by NW and Punk. Todd stole Ian's invincible thesaurus thinking it was his own spellbook, DarkPhobe. He claimed that he was defeated, but death only brought demons back to Galsia so they could regenerate before going back to the universe.

While NW is occupied with a ninja attack inside of a building, Todd and Thunel assault Xolor and Lunel before going after the Demon Machine. They manage to break open the seal and Todd betrays Thunel before leaving to regenerate his shell.

For the remainder of the story Todd is seen waiting for the day of his resurrection as the Unholy Council gathered gaia rods in order to reduce his estimated arrival time.

Recently it was revealed that he attempted to steal Infinium energy in the past but was thwarted by Lord Infinium himself.

Misc InformationEdit

- The character of Ian built his invincible thesaurus when seeing Todd's spellbook intrigued his curiosity about magic books.

- Todd was the alias of the author before the author took up the pen name of NW.

- Evel is a play on the word "evil"

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