Xolor is known as The Trial Master of Galsia. He has the ability to send spirits to a place known as the Triality Zone, which features worlds that are controlled by their own gods or goddesses (such as Kittykaboom.) He was the guardian of the Demon Machine and works for the Holy Council with his assistant, Lunel. He speaks in an ancient language.

Story Edit

Xolor (pronounced: so-lor) is first seen discussing the situation concerning the "two runaways" with Thunel Thontorian, the undercover demon. Xolor is onto Thunel's little game and he and Lunel make fun of Thunel at the demons expense.

While Xolor mostly allows Lunel to do most of the talking, he runs the show by sending NW and Ian into a trial. They are knocked out of the trial, however, when Todd and Thunel attack both the trial master and Lunel, leaving the former to bleed.

During the battle with Thunel, Xolor swoops in and disables Thunel's space warp ability, giving NW, Ian, and Fireball a chance to fight the demon with any cheating. Once Thunel fell, Xolor revoked the demon's right to exist. He then speaks to Lunel, telling him that these "heroes" are not the ones who can stop the threat of the Unholy Council for the reason that they needed divine intervention to win.

A few weeks later the Trial Master and Lunel have a short conversation before the arrival of Fuhto. When the demon leaves, Xolor points out that they know Fuhto's true intentions, and he helps Duba and Jux find someone (Ian) to help them defeat the member of the Unholy Council.

It is unknown as to what Xolor is up to at this point.

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