Warp Man is a Robot Master built by an aspiring programmer to enter the First Annual Robot Tournament.

Debut: The Sixth Megaman Game - Battle #6: Warp Man vs Crash Man, Part 1.

Appearance Edit

His armoured shell appears to be cybernetic. It is coloured with blue and black shading to make the armour seem more high-tech than it actually is. The helmet has a 'V' shape on it. He has a blaster on both hands which can disappear and reappear whenever.

Personality Edit

His personality seems to be cocky and arrogant, since the only sentence he said was "I dunno. You ready to die?" as a comeback to Crash Man's question. He is not afraid to battle either.

Abilities Edit

Warp Man, as the name suggests, has the ability to warp from location to location. This was utilised against Crash Man during battle six of the tournament. He teleported behind Crash Man and struck him in the back, thus making his victory all the more obvious.

He can also transport items into different areas, which was seen as he destroyed Crash Man.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Warp Man was designed by Steveman, a fan of the Bob and George comic. Numerous other robot masters were suggested, but Warp Man was picked out of them all.

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